MailChannels Email Relay

We’ve recently improved our service and you’ll now benefit from MailChannels spam filtering. We use a MailChannels email relay so that we can ensure your emails are delivered every single time.

If you use shared web hosting from any provider the main downfall is that you’re sharing a server with other customers. The other customers on the server could potentially send marketing emails or spam that cause the server to be blacklisted. If the server gets blacklisted then it means any emails sent out from the server will most likely fail. This isn’t a great experience and could result in lost sales if you have a business website.

Fortunately with Wildkat IT we’re now using MailChannels so you won’t ever have this problem. Every email you send out will get to your customer without an issue.

Got a few minutes? Watch the video below to get an insight into MailChannels.

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