What is CloudLinux?

You’ve possibly already noticed us mention that we use something called CloudLinux on our web hosting servers. Ever wondered what it was? Well let us give you some more detail.

CloudLinux is a Linux Operating System that was developed for shared web hosting providers. Before CloudLinux was developed we’d always hear of web hosting clients causing servers to crash. There unfortunately wasn’t a real solution to stop rogue scripts from using all the CPU, RAM or Disk I/O a few years ago. With CloudLinux all users get a fair share of the server resources and we set sensible limits to prevent issues.


CloudLinux doesn’t just let us keep our servers stable. It also has an amazing feature called CageFS. CageFS isolates user accounts into their own “cage”. This means that users cannot see other users, files, databases or anything else on the server. Even with SSH access they can only access their own files. This is great for security and gives you the peace of mind that only you can see your files.

PHP Selector

Another cool feature you can use is PHP Selector… With this feature you can choose which modules you’d like to have access to. Handy if you install a new PHP script and it requires a specific module to be activated.

You can also amend your PHP settings such as memory limits and post sizes.

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